Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peach Fuzz, Back Aches, Tiredness

Whoa...where has the time gone!? We have been married for just over 6 months and are busier than ever! After our honeymoon we moved into our own little apartment right around the block from where I grew up. After falling down the stairs, clumsy me hehe, Tyler thought it would be a good idea to move out before I got further along...YES we are expecting!! But I will get into that a little later on. We are now currently living upstairs in my old house which we are rather enjoying actually.

This is basically how our day, eat, sleep, repeat. Ty works for a company in Oroville and does some supervising/managing stuff (concepts he has explained over and over and I still just don't get it, I blame a the pregnant brain haha).

Peach fuzz, peach fuzz everywhere. Peach fuzz, peach fuzz in my hair. That time of year is here again. No longer working for Round Table Pizza, but moved on to Pacific Coast Producers (the peach business). Scary truck drivers, upset farmers, who wouldn't love working at a place like that! No I really do actually enjoy it. Only 3ish more weeks and then I can fully prepare for our little one that is coming along.

Back aches, tiredness, big bellies (not just mine :P)...oh the joys of being pregnant! I only got sick on and off for the first few weeks and every since there I have been feeling great!

Yes, I am rather large. I was around 20 weeks along here and everyone likes to ask me "are you sure you're not have twins?" or "are you sure you're due date is right?" I guess the he just loves to sit right in front. My due date is December 5th and we couldn't be more excited. We haven't had much time to prepare or really think about it but I know he is in there. Oh's a BOY! Tyler is extremely happy of course which makes it that much more exciting.

At our ultrasound, the Dr. asked how tall I was and how tall Ty was...apparently he has Ty's legs because they are pretty long. That's what must be kicking me so hard every second of every day! I'm pretty sure he is a gymnast or something. I love feeling him move and yes, kick me even if it does make me have to run to the bathroom ;)

Well, it is time for the three of us to go to bed...more updates to come as they happen! I love my life! =D

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